The Government J. Buana College Youth Adventure Club and NSS successfully coordinated the 3rd White Watermanship Training Course at Saibu, Chhimtuipui from 24th to 27th January 2024. The event witnessed participation from 27 students and two faculty members. The curriculum encompassed a diverse range of skills, including white water swimming, survival techniques in white waters, jungle survival skills, and more.

J. Buana College has a history of organising similar training courses in Saibu and Zanghmisuar in previous years. The college had also previously orchestrated a white water rafting expedition from Tuipui D to Kawlchaw. Furthermore, the college conducted a comprehensive study of the Chhimtuipui river, examining its route and elevation.

Distinguished as the sole institution in Mizoram offering rafting and white watermanship training, J. Buana College stands as the exclusive provider equipped with an array of water gear, including rafting boats, life jackets, and associated peripherals. The college has successfully trained over 120 students in rafting-related skills, reinforcing its commitment to water adventure education within the state.