1. LIBRARY: The main library is equipped with an internet connection with the latest SOUL 2.0 software. It is fully automated. There are approximately 8000 books available for use.

2. DEPARTMENT LIBRARY: Each department maintains their individual department library. Books are a collection of bought and donated books from teachers and well-wishers. Students are encouraged to borrow these books and also outside of their curriculum. The Department Library has a number of books which are recorded in a Record Book by each concerned department.

3. LANGUAGE LABORATORY: The Language laboratory is equipped with fully functioning and updated computers for English and Hindi language learners. The computers are provided with functional headphones. Professional trainers are employed for both languages. For effective teaching and regular classes, a separate routine is followed. This is made available for all the students of the college.

4. COMPUTER STUDY CENTRE: In collaboration with NIELIT, the Computer Study Centre was established in 2017 for students to be able to get their CCC certification before leaving the college. There are 20 computers with functional headphones in the centre. 

5. DEPARTMENT COMPUTER AND FACULTY ROOM COMPUTER: The Faculty room is furnished with two computers and two printers for the use of the faculty. The faculty room is also equipped with an internet connection. Each department is provided with a laptop for the use of the department.

6. ICT ENABLED CLASSROOMS: All classrooms are ICT enabled classrooms equipped with microphones and projectors to aid the teachers’ teachings.

7. GYMNASIUM: The gymnasium was started for the college community for health. There is sufficient equipment in the gym which is monitored and maintained by a concerned teacher. The gym is free for all students and teachers.

8. TEACHERS’ LOUNGE: A specified area is equipped with furniture and is well-maintained. This is a space where meetings are held and visitation is had. g out and spend quality time with friends apart from their classrooms.

9. STUDENTS’ DAY HOME: The Students’ Day Home is a semi-open space for students to hang out and spend quality time with friends apart from their classrooms. This space is furnished with benches and is maintained by the students themselves.

10. SEMINAR HALL: A Seminar Hall was built for the use of various kinds of seminars and meetings. It is equipped with chairs, air-conditioners, a smartboard and a platform with sofas and a table.

11. MULTI-PURPOSE HALL: The construction of the Multi-purpose Hall was started in January, 2019 and is still in progress.