A Poetry Reading Competition in commemoration of International Literacy Day 2023 was held on 8th September, 2023 at 1:00 PM at the Multipurpose Hall, GJBC.

Short Speech: Mr KF Lalthuamluaia, Chairman, Culture and Literary Club

Words of Encouragement: Dr. Judy Lalparmawii Khiangte, Asst Prof, Dept of English

Poetry Reading Competition winners (Original Works)
Mizo Category:
1st Prize: K. Lalremtluangi, V Sem, Dept of Mizo
2nd Prize: Jerry Zomuanpuia, V Sem, Dept of Mizo
3rd Prize: (a) Lalruatfeli, III Sem, Dept of Education
(b) Lalduhsangi, V Sem, Dept of Mizo

English Category: (only 2 participants)
1st Prize: Lalthanpuia, V Sem, Dept of Economics
2nd Prize: R. Lalzuiliana, V Sem, Dept of English